The Oppositional Defiant Child
Parenting and Life Skills Classes

We offer weekly classes for parents of children diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. We understand the difficulties particular to this personality and, through this class, offer support and belonging to parents seeking to better understand the "Why"s and "How"s of ODD.

Each of these amazing children are different, but they all have striking similarities in behavioral patterns, and they also have similarities in thought processes and responses. In this class you will find others who understand your struggles to communicate with, shape, and aid your child. We can offer productive and tested methods to help your child function at school and at home, to communicate with your child when he/she becomes flustered, and to shape your child's behavior effectively when correction is needed.

Contact us to find out class times. If classes are not available you can meet with our ODD specialist, Lydia Giordano, LCDC, LPC-I, in a private session.

Ms. Giordano also offers private sessions for your child. These are very effective in aiding him/her to manage their own behavior and be effective in self-awareness and regulation.