Dr. Melody Moore

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist


I consider myself an integrative psychologist with an understanding of developmental processes throughout the lifespan. I have a history of using various modalities to address the unique needs of each individual I serve. I am an advocate for the underserved and believe that everyone has a right to compassionate mental health treatment.

I was a director of a residential treatment program for dual diagnosed women and am sensitive to the unique needs of this population. I have worked with foster and adoptive families, children in foster care, and adopted children to help with the transitions. I understand the needs of traumatized children and adults and have a variety of unique strategies to use with this population.


I have a holistic approach toward treatment. For the last 38 years I have studied alternative treatment modalities including herbs and vitamins, supplements, diet, essential oils, meditation, and yoga. I believe that true healing starts from within. If you want to take your life journey to the next level, come see me.