Meet Our Staff

  • Clinical Psychologist

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Nationally Certified School Psychologist


I consider myself an integrative psychologist with an understanding of developmental processes throughout the lifespan. I have a history of using various modalities to address the unique needs of each individual I serve. I am an advocate for the underserved and believe that everyone has a right to compassionate mental health treatment.

I was a director of a residential treatment program for dually diagnosed women and am sensitive to the unique needs of this population. I have worked with foster and adoptive families, children in foster care, and adopted children to help with the transitions. I understand the needs of traumatized children and adults and have a variety of unique strategies to use with this population.


I have a wholistic approach toward treatment. For the last 38 years I have studied alternative treatment modalities including herbs and vitamins, supplements, diet, essential oils, meditation, and yoga. I believe that true healing starts from within. If you want to take your life journey to the next level, come see me. 

Dr. Melody Moore
Dr. Blythe TwoSisters
  • Virtual House Call Therapist

  • Licensed Psychological Associate

  • Post-doctoral Clinical Psychology Fellow

  • Certified Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Specialist

  • Mental Health At Every Size Advocate

  • Trans Affirming Care for Transitioning Families

Hi there!

I’m great at working with many communities but mostly I’ve been recognized as the funky house call therapist. I have credentials to back up my work, but mostly people tell me they like having a therapist that meets them where they are and in a non-judging place.

Therapy is hard work, and having a therapist not judge an alternative lifestyle, should you have one, truly helps.

I understand the struggles of personal development. I too have worked through my psychological messes and can appreciate the commitment from my patients. Therapy helps a bunch, but it is not always pretty.

What are my credentials you ask?
I’m a Certified Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Specialist. I attended a specialized training in order to help mamas deal with emotional concerns while pregnant, after pregnancy and while trying to get pregnant. I help process loss and infertility. As I age, I have started studying menopause and how that hormonal process can be involved in emotional changes and feel similar to trauma.

I completed training in transgender/queer and gender nonconforming identities which has helped me support families of transitioning individuals and create open communication with increased understanding of the process.

I wrote my dissertation on alternative therapies for anxiety and depression and have helped many better understand their psychological challenges using alternative or complementary modalities. I’m also awesome at mentoring when you may feel a little lost, lacking direction. Oh and I rock as a business coach, too.

I’m an advocate for Mental Health At Every Size (MHAES), aligning with the Health At Every Size movement. I’m passionate about providing therapy access for EveryBody.

Why virtual therapy? I feel strongly about bringing therapy to those in need. In my opinion, It is not okay to deny therapy because you live remotely, can’t find childcare, can’t leave the house, fear a stigma/label or are just too busy to get away for a few hours. Making me your house call therapist.

I can’t wait to work with you.

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

  • Certified Distance Counselor

  • Advocate for Homeschooling

  • Cultural Counselor

  • Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish

  • Parenting Educator

Lydia Giordano, LCDC, LPC-Intern
Supervised by: Dr. Rick Ertell, PhD, LPC-S

Welcome to the Willow Tree! My philosophy is that we all sometimes need a little help, a little perspective. Often this can be best obtained through professional assessment. I have experience with all ages of client, from young children to retirees, assessing learning and developmental delays or disabilities, memory issues, personality disorders and mental disabilities, and psychological issues that may be unapparent. I am passionate about research and finding the key to unlocking the potential for growth and change in every client. In counseling, my job is not to judge you, but to show you that I believe in you and your ability to make your life better, and to perhaps help direct you in the way to achieve that. I'll walk with you through the hard times and rejoice with your in every success. We can meet in the office or conduct our visits by phone or video chat...whatever best meets your needs. I use a variety of counseling methods according to your situation and personality. Group therapy is a passion of mine, and I offer groups for substance use, bipolar/schizoaffective disorder, domestic violence, codependency, depression/anxiety, and more.


Ms. Giordano, a Houston native, received degrees from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and University of Houston Victoria. She homeschooled her own children and was a teacher for ten years. Ms. Giordano worked at West Oaks Hospital in the children's unit and in substance abuse before coming to Willow Tree. She is presently a fully Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor Intern working under the supervision of Dr. Moore. Ms. Giordano specializes in assessment and diagnosis, addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, learning disabilities, and parent education. She offers individual, group, family, virtual, and couples counseling.

Elizabeth McCoy
  • Licensed Professional Counselor- Intern*

  • Affiliate Sex Offender Treatment Provider*

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

  • Parenting children who have experience traumatic events

  • Family Trauma Professional

  • Personality Disorders

  • Trauma, PTSD & sexual assault 

  • Grief

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Counseling for adults and youth

  • Psychological Evaluations

  • Court mandated classes and counseling

  • Mental health speaker

  • Mental health advocate

Elizabeth McCoy, MA, LPC-Intern, ASOTP, LCDC

Supervised by Dr. Joseph McDaniel, PhD, LPC-S, LSOTP-S

Way to be an advocate for your needs! 

Feeling lost, hurt, unable to work effectively at work, home, or in your relationship affects your overall well being, especially your psychological health. Let's work through those things and work together to bring you into a space you desire. Rather your concerns are coming from trauma, alcohol/drug use, or "life," we can work through them to move you beyond those events.  Have you ever sat and wondered what life can be like without the pressure you're feeling? 

As a clinician, I offer a unique spin in sessions. Our sessions won't be typical talk sessions where I'm just listening to you and writing notes, yet they will be a collaborative effort to guide you into the ideal space you have envisioned for yourself.  You will feel heard and supported. And with flexible scheduling, you'll find therapy being convenient and stress-free. There are many techniques to facilitate this process and the best one will be selected for you. My top 3 treatment techniques (modalities) are CBT, DBT, and EMDR. If you do not know what those letters mean, we will discuss at your first appointment.

I also conduct assessments to assist in you having the "full picture." Assessments can be used to gain understanding about the way you are able to receive educational instruction, diagnosing purposes, criminal justice (adult and juvenile) concerns, and fitness for duty as it relates to your ability to perform the duties of your profession. Assessments are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday. We are typically able to get you in for your initial appointment in 72 hours. 

My clients have told me I'm easy to talk to, produce a relaxed environment, and allow them the space to heal.

I service adults and youth who are or have experienced traumatic events and alcohol/drug use. I also provide services to those who have been diagnosed with personality disorders, depression/anxiety, and workplace dissatisfaction. 

Appointments available as early as 8am with some evenings and weekend appointments available. Virtual therapy may also be available depending on certain factors. If you do not see an appointment convenient for you, send me an email with your request. 

I'm a graduate of University of Houston- Victoria with a Masters of Forensic Psychology.  I enjoy beach fronts and any place that has amazing food!